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Resolutions Distributed by Township Commissioners

Congratulations to the following
who recently received Resolutions from the Township...

Leanne Kalb was awarded a resolution for her work in creating what has become a very large weekly distribution of food to those in need in the Township. In the six years since its inception, Panther Pack is now serving almost 500 of the most disadvantaged population, school-age children and adults alike in the Township. Congratulations to Leanne and thank you for your dedication. Leanne (3rd from left) is pictured with the Township Commissioners. Commissioners George Tyson and Kristy Magaro recommended Leanne for this resolution.

Doug Pentz, a 14-year Township employee, was honored by Fire Chief Erik Owen for his quick actions taken on December 02, 2020. He was out making his leaf collection pick-ups when he came upon a car fire on South Enola Drive. He was able to extinguish the fire with his fire extinguisher without the aid of the Fire Department. His actions potentially saved the vehicle from complete destruction. He is pictured (4th from left) with the Commissioners and the Roadmaster Foreman, Chad Yohe. A job well done Doug.

Sergeant Matthew Roberts & Patrolman Bradley McAlester were awarded resolutions for their life saving actions taken on December 20, 2020. Both officers were on routine patrol and were notified by 911 of a house fire with entrapment on State Street in the Township. As they arrived and confirmed the working fire and residents in a perilous situation on a porch roof, they both assisted in removing the residents from the roof and confirmed the fact that there was no one in the other half of the duplex. Their actions saved the family from injury and possibly death. Thanks to both for their quick action and going above and beyond the call of duty. Pictured with the Commissioners, Police Chief Green, and Fire Chief Owen, Sergeant Roberts is 4th from the left and Patrolman McAlester is 5th from the left.

Finally,  Captain Mike Shreiner from the West Shore Bureau of Fire is recognized for his life saving actions taken during the house fire on State Street on December 20, 2020. Mike lives a block away and was asleep when his pager alerted him to the fire. He responded quickly, noticing the residents on the porch roof. He was able to determine that there was no way for them to escape through their own home as smoke and flames were consuming the 1st floor of the house. He entered the other half of the duplex and made his way to the porch roof where he was able to assist the residents down through the house. His quick thinking and actions prevented injury or possible death. The Township commends him for his quick thinking and life saving skills. He was recommended for this award by Fire Chief Erik Owen. His picture will be added when we can get with him for the photo opportunity.
Mike Shreiner Resolution