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COVID-19 frequently asked questions

The East Pennsboro Township Commissioners want the residents of the Township to know where we stand operations wise while dealing with the Covid-19 Pandemic. Below are the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

                  1) Is the Township building open for business?

Although business is conducted every day by the employees on site, visitation to the building by the general public is currently not allowed. Many factors contributed to this decision. The age and design of the building do not lend itself to allow social distancing. There is a lack of security in the building which allows residents to ‘roam’ throughout the building once inside. These factors alone make it unwise to re-open the municipal building at this time.

                2) I have a Tax and/or Sewer & Trash bill to pay. Must I mail it in?

Tax and Sewer & Trash bills may be dropped off at the two blue mailboxes located on an island in the parking lot. The boxes are checked several times per day during regular business hours.

                3) How do I obtain a Yard Waste Access card?

To renew your Yard Waste Access Card, you will need to write down your name, address, phone number and the LAST 5 DIGITS ON THE BACK OF YOUR CARD, mail the information or place it in the Township's Drop Box along with the renewal fee.  Renewals placed in the drop box will likely be reactivated the same day.  If mailing your renewal, please allow extra time for mail delivery.  To obtain a new yard waste card please print the application, located in the left side bar, include the fee and place it in the drop box or mail it.  We will mail you a new card.  If you prefer to pick up the new card, please indicate so when you drop or mail the application.  We will call you when it has been issued so you may pick it up.

                4) Why was Pumpkin Fest cancelled?

After much consideration, the tough decision was made to postpone the 2020 Pennsboro Pumpkin Fest until 2021. Always the weekend of Columbus Day, the event was scheduled for October 10 & 11, 2020 and will now take place on October 9 & 10, 2021. The Board of Recreation has been discussing options for event modifications during the COVID-19 Pandemic that would comply with the CDC Guidelines, as well as keep everyone safe. Every possibility – including reducing the number of vendors, limiting guest-attendance, and requiring everyone wear masks, alters the event so much that it wouldn’t be the Pennsboro Pumpkin Fest we have all known and loved. The East Pennsboro Community prides itself on the crowded 40,000+ guests that fill the event space and continue to make that weekend a success. The well-being of the guests, vendors, volunteers, entertainers and the overall community were at the forefront of this difficult decision. We feel it’s best during these challenging times to focus on coming back stronger than ever for the 22nd Pennsboro Pumpkin Fest in 2021. Thank you all for your continued support and we look forward to seeing everyone back next year!

                5) Are the parks open for all activities? What about Recreation programs?

Yes, the parks are open for all activities including the playgrounds, pavilions, fields, courts and restroom facilities. Social distancing is encouraged throughout the park. Field usage remains open for drop-in use and is reserved only for community groups. Guidelines put in place by the Pennsylvania Recreation & Parks Society must be adhered to. The Recreation Programs, such as fitness and dog training classes, remain closed until further notice. Additionally, the restroom facilities were re-opened on August 12th. Portable restrooms and hand washing stations are still available throughout the park.

                6) Can I rent a pavilion?

Reservations for pavilions at the parks are OPEN for parties of 50 people or less until November 8, 2020. Reservations for 2021 will reopen on March 1st.  They can be reserved online through our website or by calling the Recreation Department at (717) 732-0711 opt. 3.  Credit Card payment is due at the time of reservation. The cost is $50 for Township Residents and $70 for Non-Residents.

               7) I need a building permit. What must I do to obtain one?

The application for a building permit is online at the Township web site. You will be contacted by phone when your permit is ready for pick-up.

                8) I have to speak face to face with an employee. How do I accomplish that?        

Dial (717) 732-0711 and follow the voice prompts to speak with an employee in the Department you need to speak with. Most times, you can arrange for the employee to come out to the parking lot and discuss an issue with you.

                9) I want to come to a Commissioners' meeting. Is that allowed?

Not at this time as the building is still closed to the general public. In order to conduct an orderly and efficient meeting while allowing the residents of East Pennsboro Township to comment and raise concerns to their elected body, please follow the Meeting Ground Rules. 

If you have any other questions, please dial (717) 732-0711 and listen to the voice prompts to speak with someone.
Thank you for your patience during these uncertain times. 
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