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Codes & Zoning

Housing & Community development staff

 Department Secretary  Amy Graybill  717-732-0711 x1207
 Building Inspector /
 Codes Enforcement Officer
 Terry Watts  717-732-0711 x1212
 Building Inspector /
 Codes Enforcement Officer
 Jason Foster  717-732-0711 x1219
 Codes Enforcement Officer  Ron Barrick  717-732-0711 x1209
 Building Inspector / 
 Zoning Officer
 Bill Baker  717-732-0711 x1204
 Township Engineer
 Ben Shull  717-732-0711 x1208
 Director of Housing &   Community Development
 Dearan Quigley  717-732-0711 x1667
 Asst. Township Mananger /   Chief Planner  John Owen  717-732-0711 x1213

Abandoned Properties

Recently, Housing & Community Development has received another tool to address the maintenance of properties which have been abandoned.  On February 15, 2017 the Board of Commissioners passed Ordinance 759-17 which provides for the registration of abandoned properties and grants the Township the ability to require the security & maintenance of those properties.  In the event that the properties are not registered, secured & maintained it provides the Township with the ability to take action and see that the properties are secured & maintained.

Abandoned Property Ordinance
Abandoned Property Registration Form

If you know of any properties which have been abandoned, please contact the Department of Housing & Community Development.

Housing & Community Development

The Department of Housing & Community Development is responsible for the administration of the PA Uniform Construction Code as well as matters relating to subdivision and land development, zoning, code enforcement, building inspections, engineering and health and sanitation. The department also administers and supports various advisory boards including: Planning Commission, Zoning Hearing Board, Health Board, Environmental Advisory Council and Fire Board.

On-Lot Management Program

Please click here to view the on-lot management web page.