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Commissioners Contact

George Tyson, President
Raymond “Skip” Magaro, Vice President
Charley Gelb
Kristy Magaro
Walter "Joe" Fidler

Township Phone Directory

Direct all calls to 717-732-0711 Select the following options for Departments (If you know the extension, enter it)

Option 1 Listen to a Township Name list
Option 2 Trash & Sewer Billing and Yard Waste Facility
Option 3 Recreation
Option 4 Housing & Community Development
Option 5 Administration
Option 6 Police (non emergency calls)
Option 7 Public Works
Option 8 Waste Water Treatment
Option 9 Leave a general voicemail

Contacts by Department

Codes & Zoning Amy Graybill
Department Secretary
717-732-0711 x1207
Public Works – Parks Mike Dobson
Facilities Director
717-732-3621 x1254
Public Works – Highway Rick Brewbaker
Highway Roadmaster
717-732-1815 x1253
Public Works – Wastewater Andrew Kirkessner
Wastewater Superintendent
717-732-3621 x1247
Recreation Skylar Cohick
Recreation Coordinator
717-732-0711 X1215
Recreation Caroline Grove
Recreation Coordinator
717-732-0711 X1206
Stormwater Ed Myers
Asst. Wastewater Super. / MS4 Coordinator
717-732-3621 x1248
On-Lot Septic Taylor Troutman
Wastewater Operations Specialist
717-732-3621 X1245

Sewer & Trash Billing
Yard Waste Facility Cards

Desiree Jenkins
Sewer & Sanitation
717-732-0711 x1205

Other Helpful Phone Numbers

Fire Marshall 717-554-8882
Schaner Adult Center 717-732-3915
Tax Collector/Treasurer 717-901-9392
East Pennsboro Ambulance Association 717-732-5552
East Pennsboro Police (Non-Emergency) 717-732-3633
East Pennsboro Branch Library 717-732-4274
East Pennsboro Area School District 717-732-3601
Cumberland County Courthouse 1-888-697-0371
District Justice 717-728-2805
Stormwater Concerns 717-732-3621 ext. 1248