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Sports Fields and Courts


Facilities in our other Parks

Adams-Ricci Park, off East Penn Drive, has many sports fields designed to support youth programs, adult programs as well as visitors to the park.  This page will allow you to see what’s in the park, as well as see facilities in the other smaller parks of the township.  Click on the picture galleries to the left to see that great features of the Park System.
Adams-Ricci also serves as the base for the following events:

Pennsboro Pumpkin Fest

Pumpkin Fest Auto Show

Kids Only Yard Sale

Easter Egg Hunt

Emergency Services Carnival

One of Adams-Ricci Park’s “crown jewels” is the community built IMAGINATION STATION.  Volunteers from all over the Township pitched in and built this children’s play structure.

It features many area’s of activity, swings, stage, towers and bridges which provides hours of fun for the thousands of younger visitors each week.  

The Townships smaller parks are physically smaller than
Adams-Ricci, but they excel in providing young and old alike a serene place to picnic and play.  Take a look a the highlights of our whole park system here.

Ridley Park now has an expanded
18 hole Disk Golf Course. 
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Questions about Recreation?   Call or email   Cheri Matter   Director   717-909-5630   or email recreation@eastpennsboro.net

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