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East Pennsboro



East Pennsboro Fire Department has
Six Volunteer Fire Companies.

Township Fire Marshall: Jim Bumgardner  
Phone: (717) 554-8882

16  Goodwill Fire Company, West Fairview
400 3rd St. West Fairview, PA 17025
Phone:  (717) 732-1854
President: Lonnie Hammaker
Fire Chief: Scott Fair
website:  www.company16.com

17 Midway Fire Company
17 East Manor Ave, Enola, PA 17025
Phone:  (717) 732-3977   fax  901-6164
Fire Chief: Tim Lantz
website: www.17tower.com

18 Citizens Fire Company 
230 North Enola Drive, Enola, PA 17025
Phone (717) 732-9985       fax  732-2030
Fire Chief:Bobby Rudeck
Website:  www.rescue18.com

19 West Enola Fire Company
118 Chester Road, Enola
, PA 17025
Phone: (717) 732-1919   fax 728-9502
Fire Chief:  Gary Dressler
Website:  www.westenolafire.com

20 Summerdale Fire Company
202 Third Street PO Box 89,
Summerdale, PA   17093
Phone: (717) 732-0047       fax  729-9503
Fire Chief:  Erik Owen
website:  www.summerdalefire.com

21 Creekside Fire Company 
13 East Dulles Drive
phone (717) 732-0121   fax  732-6342
Fire Chief: Fred Bender
Website:  www.creeksidefire.com


A community ambulance service
Celebrating 20 years of service

East Pennsboro Emergency Services Website:

The Board of Directors and staff at East Pennsboro Ambulance Service, Inc would like to thank the residents of East Pennsboro Township who provided support and financial contributions during our 2004 Ambulance Fundraising Drive.

With this support, EP Ambulance Service purchased a 2003 Marque ambulance, costing nearly
$67,000 with an additional $20,000 of medical equipment and supplies for the new ambulance.  The new ambulance was placed in service on March 18, 2004

Thank you for making a difference in your community and thank you for supporting your community ambulance service, and a special thanks to Larry A. Stone, President of the EP Ambulance Service for finding this vehicle for our organization that will help us better serve you.

Memberships still being accepted - If you have not received your membership renewal in the mail please call (717) 732-5552.  All memberships and donations can be sent to:
     East Pennsboro Ambulance Service, Inc.
     P.O. Box 47
     Enola, PA  17025

Pull to the RIGHT for SIRENS and LIGHTS
When an emergency vehicle is approaching your vehicle from behind, do you know what to do?  Don’t be alarmed or panic, just pull you vehicle over as far to the right side of the road as possible and stop.  All emergency vehicle operators are taught in an Emergency Vehicle Operations Course to always pass on your vehicles driver’s side.  Never stop in the middle of the road, pull into the center lane or into oncoming traffic.  Also, when you do pull to the right, please come to a complete stop instead of driving down the berm of the road.  It is difficult to watch you driving on our right as well as watch the oncoming traffic on our left.  Never try to out run or fail to yield to an emergency vehicle.  You could be involved in an accident or be the cause of one.  You never know if we are responding to help one of your loved ones.
Whenever you see an approaching emergency vehicle, remember this simple phrase: PULL TO THE RIGHT FOR SIRENS AND LIGHTS - it will help any emergency vehicle get to the scene and assist whoever is in need.

The Ambulance Service is looking for community oriented residents willing to serve on a volunteer Board of Directors.  The Board meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm.  Medical or Business background a plus but not necessary.  Please call 732-5552 for more information.

Important Information for Medicare Recipients....
Non-members will be billed directly for services provided by West Shore Advance Life Support.

Reflective Address Markers are available from the EP Ambulance.
Mailbox Markers are 18” x 6” in Green and Blue
House Markers are 14” x 5”.  Free installation for township residents.

THANK YOU - The East Pennsboro Ambulance Service would like to thank all township residents who have joined the ambulance service this year.  Also, a special thanks to all the members who have so graciously sent a donation along with their membership dues.  You memberships and donations enable us to continue to provide comprehensive pre-hospital services, to purchase state of the art equipment, and to provide ongoing Emergency Medical Service education.

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